Every Girl Has Potential

At Big Sister, we help girls realize that potential by matching them with a mentor who will give them the attention, care, and support necessary to develop confidence, gain life skills, and make healthy choices in their lives.


Yet, girls in Greater Boston face social and economic barriers to success.


According to a 2011 report from The Boston Indicators Project
  • Of Boston families with children under 18 living at or below poverty, 85% were headed by a single-parent
  • Boston’s single-parent families reflect starkly lower educational attainment levels than married-couple families: 51% of single parents have completed high school or less while 50+% of married couples have a B.A. or higher, and
  • In Dorchester, Roxbury, and Mattapan, 42% of children live in poverty.

Furthermore, according to a report from Boston Public Schools:

  • Only 69% of Black and Hispanic females students in Boston graduate high school in four years, and
  • Just 51% of female students in Boston plan to go to college
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System Survey, of Black and Hispanic girls in Boston, grades 9-12:
  • 36% felt sad or hopeless almost every day for two or more weeks in a row
  • 30% reported having been in a physical fight
  • 17% have starved themselves a day or more to lose weight, and
  • 16% reported binge drinking.


How can we change this?