Group Mentoring Curriculum

Big Sister consistently updates our Group Mentoring curriculum to reflect the changing needs of girls.  Below is a general overview of the topics that are covered in our Life Choices groups.


Alcohol & Drugs            

Informs and educates about substance abuse, disease and addiction, as well as creates a safe space for the girls to talk about peer pressure and how to make healthy decisions for themselves.

Career Awareness Exposes girls to a variety of careers, both traditional and non-traditional, and emphasizes a career as a lifestyle, not just a means of support.
Choices & Decision-Making Helps girls understand the difference between choices and decisions, why decisions matter and explores decision-making styles.
Conflict Resolution Encourages girls to understand the meaning of conflict and discusses ways to peacefully and productively respond to it.
Diversity Helps girls distinguish between prejudice, discrimination and stereotypes, and explores hows class, age, gender, religion, race, ethnicity and culture affect our daily lives.
Effective Communication Educates girls on what effective communication is, the difference between verbal and non-verbal communication and how to practice active listening skills.
Gender Roles Explores girls' own ideas of gender roles and stereotypes, as well as the media's influence on gender roles.
Goal-Setting Helps girls identify and define personal goals and recognize the importance of setting goals as it relates to their futures.
Healthy Relationships Identifies different types of relationships, signs of healthy and unhealthy relationships and how to manage conflict within a relationship.
Media Literacy & Body Image Helps girls develop critical thinking skills in response to media messages and encourages them to celebrate the unique qualities inherent in themselves and others
Puberty & Sexual Health Promotes healthy attitudes about puberty and sex, as well as healthy decision-making about sexual activity.
Self-Esteem Educates girls on the relationship between self-esteem and behavior, outlook and decisions, while helping them acknowledge and appreciated the unique strengths and qualities within themselves and others.
Sisterhood Promotes relationship-building between girls and creates a space for girls to practice treating others with kindness and respect.
Stress, Coping & Self-Care Evalutes the origin of stress in a girl's life and ways that it can impact her positively and negatively, as well as why self-care is important.
Values Increases awareness of who and what influences girls' values and how their choices and decisions are a reflection of their values.