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Legacy Giving

Invest in the Future of Girls Today

Why include big sister boston in your legacy giving plan?

Are you ready to leave a legacy of profound commitment to Greater Boston’s girls and women?

A planned gift to Big Sister Association of Greater Boston costs you nothing today; rather, it is an investment that will have long-term impact on securing brighter futures for Greater Boston’s girls. Big Sister Boston has been making and supporting meaningful mentoring relationships between women and girls since 1951. Since then, we have continued to create innovative programming and evolve our practices to meet the changing landscape for girls. We rely on the generosity of our charitable community to sustain and grow our work, which includes: recruitment and training of volunteers, in-person assessment of our Big Sisters, Little Sisters and Little Sisters’ families to make the best possible match, and providing best-in-class guidance and support to the mentoring match to ensure longer, stronger mentoring relationships that yield lasting outcomes in girls’ social-emotional development.

Create your legacy giving plan with big sister boston today!

A planned gift to Big Sister Boston is your lasting connection to our community. There are several ways to make a legacy gift.

Include Us In Your Will

Donate to Big Sister Boston through your estate planning by naming us in your will for a specific amount or percentage of your estate.

Four Reasons to Leave us in your Will:

  1. A planned gift of any size leaves a lasting legacy of support for Greater Boston’s girls and women
  2. You’ll make an impactful gift without using cash
  3. You’re making an investment that costs nothing during your lifetime
  4. You’ll help your heirs tomorrow by eliminating or reducing capitals gains taxes.

Name Us As A Beneficiary

Name Big Sister Boston as the beneficiary of your estate after expenses and gifts to loved ones.

Make Us Part Of Your Life Insurance Plan

Name Big Sister Boston as the beneficiary of an existing or new life insurance policy. If we are named as the owner and beneficiary of the insurance policy, your premium payments may even be tax deductible.

To learn more about Legacy Giving with Big Sister Boston, please email Kelli-Beth Vecchione, Chief Development Officer or contact her by phone at 617-236-5311.

Kathy's Story

I have been involved with Big Sister in various ways since I was in my 20s. My introduction was as a Big Sister, matched with 9 year-old Little Sister Ruth from Malden. I spent a great deal of time with Ruth and her family over those years until her high school graduation. I maintained my connection to the organization as an alumna and donor.

I have witnessed the positive effects of mentoring in my own life, as well as through my experience with Ruth and by meeting other Big and Little Sisters in the Big Sister Boston community. Watching this organization grow and change over the years as the needs of young women have grown and changed has been a real testament to Big Sister’s leadership. I want to continue to invest in girls through donations during my lifetime and a larger gift upon my death.

Kathy Wallace,
Managing Director, Rinet Company
Former Big Sister

"Life goes on, but not forever! Leaving a legacy gift to Big Sister Boston ensures a lasting impact on the future of our City's girls and women."
Dolores Mitchell
Former Executive Director for Group Insurance Commission, City of Boston; Past Chair, Big Sister Boston Board of Directors
"Looking back over my life and the legacy I would like to leave, I cannot think of a more important organization than Big Sister Boston that is making a difference in the lives of girls "and our community.
Joe Realmuto
Big Sister Boston Board Member