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23rd Annual Rodman Ride

Posted 10/08/2013

Saturday, September 28th was a fantastic day for Big Sister! This year more than 40 riders joined Team Big Sister and challenged themselves to complete a 25, 50 or a whopping 100 mile cycling tour to raise money in support of our mentoring programs for girls in Greater Boston.

To date, Team Big Sister has raised more than $75,000… and they are still going! Co-captains Joe Realmuto and Denise Coll, Peter Reinhart, and Mark Richardson are this year’s top fundraisers so far. You can still donate to Team Big Sister and the Rodman Ride for Kids until November 15th by clicking here. All donations are tax deductible and will be matched 10% by the Rodman Ride for Kids.

BIG thanks to those who volunteered for us at water stops and cheering stations, and of course, thank you to the many donors who supported our riders.

We look forward to hitting the road with you again next year!

Erica Brien
Ayda Zugay
Kristin Prescott
Rachael Schupp-Star
Justin Clark
Joan Bennett
Michelle Jackson
Melanie Morris
Olu Ogunbameru
Chiquita Rice
Mark Richardson
Joe Realmuto
Max Bardeen
Candida Alves
Stephanie Fish
Mia Roberts
Alyssa Soares
Hisla Bates
Darian Butcher
Christina DiGiovanni
Stesha Emmanuel
Beth Herbert
Randy Latona
Paul Linton
Michele Mold
Paulette Kelly
Denise Coll
Jane Deery
Peter Reinhart
Ayesha Cammaerts
Jennifer Phaiah
Shannon Raeke
Mike Cunningham
Erin Mckeon
Alison Dahlquist
Desiree Dileso
Steph Fougy
Virtual Riders
Tim O’Brien
Katie Hayden
Morgan Randall
Jill Callahan
Colleen Kenney
Mary Mabey