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Sister Spotlight: A Father's Perspective
Sister Spotlights

A Father’s Perspective

While 46% of our Little Sisters are being raised by single mothers, 2% are living in a household with a solo dad. Jason is a single parent who is raising 11 year-old Little Sister Mackenzie, who has been matched with Big Sister Lisa Taranto since 2017.

cover of the 2018 big sister annual report showing two girls
Annual Reports

2018 Annual Report

Click here to read Big Sister Boston’s 2019 Annual Report.

big and little sister performing a craft

April 2019 Big Sister Boston Blast

What we’re talking about when we say “Watch Your Words,” Sister match-turned-engineer for the day, and a must-have t-shirt for the fiercest young female you know.

two young women posing with each other and holding a sign that says thank you

March 2019 Big Sister Boston Blast

Meet our Big Sister of the Year, Lauren Hall, get the scoop on our annual Big and Little Sister Appreciation Breakfast, and learn more about some of the women upon whose shoulders we stand.