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Big Sister Board Member Launches Fundraising Challenge!

Posted 10/01/2015

Join me in helping Big Sister Boston in shaping the confident female leaders of tomorrow through the care and guidance of a professionally supported Big Sister today!

Me with my daughter Arielle
I have been the Treasurer of the board of Big Sister Association of Greater Boston for the past 8 years and I need your help.  I am looking to raise $100,000 for Big Sister Association of Greater Boston.  
Big Sister Boston empowers women and girls through a variety of gender-specific programs and opportunities.  For 64 years, we have only served girls and are the largest mentoring organization in Greater Boston exclusively focused on the unique needs of women and girls.   
On a personal note, I’ve been a mother as long as I have been on the board.  When I first became a parent, it was just about survival.  Although obvious, I never realized how much my actions and my words would shape my daughter.  She watches me- how I dress, how I act, what I like to do.  My daughter is 8 now.  She loves to read, she is good at math, she has very good manners, and she has aspirations – albeit it changes every day from “I want to be a doctor” to “I want to be a singer and dancer” to “I want to be a gymnast.”  She talks to me about her friends in school, who got in trouble in class, who got a “red ticket” (for good behavior) in class.   She is able to talk to me.  I am there for her not only as a mother but as a positive role model.   I look at these girls whose parents want them to have a positive role model, a mentor because they don’t have one for one reason or another.  Big Sister Boston can provide this for these girls.

What can you do?  There are 350 girls currently waiting to be matched with a Big Sister. I ask that you (or your company) commit $2,000 to Big Sister for 2015.  Your $2,000 can take 2 girls off the wait list.

Meet one of them:

Hi, I am Jael. I am 11 years old, and when I grow up I want to be a judge. I live in a shelter in Dorchester with my mom and younger sister. We moved here from the Dominican Republic a few years ago. I don’t like living in the shelter because there are so many other kids – I hardly have any time to myself! My perfect Big Sister would be funny, friendly, and make me feel proud. It would be great if she could also take me bowling and rock climbing!