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Big Sister Boston Honors 70 for 70th Anniversary

Posted 06/23/2021

The following groups and individuals are being honored throughout our 70th anniversary year for their enduring commitment to believing in girls. They will be recognized for their time, treasure, and talent that they have generously given to Big Sister over the years. Our celebration of these honorees will culminate at Big in Boston on October 7 during our online broadcast. Sign up to watch with us here!

70th Anniversary Honorees

Governor Charlie Baker and First Lady Lauren Baker

Jeff Bellows                                       

Big Sister Board Chairs

Big Sister Executive Directors

Big Sister Founders

Big Sister Staff

Linda Brennan                                  

Andrea Cabral                                   

Bithiah Carter                                   

Carolyn Casey                                   

Joanne Chang                                   

Carolyn Clancy                                  

Denise Coll                                         

Lisa Collins                                         

Eileen and Jack Connors

Joe Corcoran (in memoriam)                                     

Christine Creelman and Carol Moriarty

Joyce and Bill Cummings

Deborah Daccord                                            

Richard Daley                                    

Jane Deery                                         

Sandy and Paul Edgerley

Atsuko and Larry Fish

Betty Francisco                                 

Rosie Gill                                             

Suzanne Fay Glynn                                         

Rachel Goodman                                            

Andrew Graff                                   

Neva Grice                                         

Diane Hammer                                 

Lisa Holmes                                       

Lianne Hughes                                 

Lisa Hughes                                       

Janet Humdy Morrison                                 

Patricia Jacobs

The Honorable Denise Jefferson Casper                                

Heidi Johnson                                   

Karen Kaplan                                     

The Kelly Family                                               

Kathy Kiely                                         

Nancy Korman                                  

Reneé Landers                                 

Harriet Lewis                                     

Robert Lewis, Jr.                                              

Amy and Mark Lund

Melissa MacDonnell                                       

Kelly McDermott                                             

Sharon McNally                                

The Menino Family                                         

Allyce Najimy                                    

Katy O’Neil                                         

MA State Representative Smitty Pignatelli                               

Regina Pisa                                        

U.S. Representative Ayanna Pressley                                            

Jean Rhodes and Reneé Spencer

Fran and Charles Rodgers

Don Rodman (in memoriam)                                     

Eneida Roman                                  

Dan Romanow and Andrew Zelermyer

Jeffrey Sanchez                                

Jean Tempel                                      

Beth Terrana                                     

Marie Turley                                     

Reverend Liz Walker                                      

Kathy Wallace                                   

Secretary Marty Walsh                                  

Katie Wheeler                                  

Reverend Gloria White-Hammond, MD and Reverend Ray Hammond

Jeanne, John, and Abby Yozell

Mariann and Andy Youniss