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Big Sister Sherri Woodlock and Little Sister Tracey

Posted 10/11/2007

Little Sister Tracey has many ambitions. A writer, a policewoman, a psychologist, a singer or a fashion designer—these are all careers that the 15 year-old would like to have once she has finished college. While Tracey does not yet know which path she will eventually pursue, she does know that her Big Sister Sherri inspires her to follow her dreams.  “She doesn’t believe in giving up,” says Tracey of her Big Sister. “She wanted to go to law school and she did…she never gave up.”
In April of 2006, Little Sister Tracey was matched with Sherri Woodlock, who is currently studying law at Massachusetts School of Law.   Already showing signs of being an assertive young woman, Tracey referred herself to Big Sister Association of Greater Boston after hearing about our programs from a family member. Tracey admitted that she didn’t have much to do outside of school and wanted someone with whom she could spend time, try new activities and visit new places. 
Big Sister’s social work staff knew just who to pair the reserved, but upbeat teenager with—outgoing and adventurous Big Sister Sherri!   It was immediately clear that Big and Little Sister complemented each other perfectly. Soon they were busy going to the movies, making pottery, cooking dinners together, bowling and taking a trip to Six Flags amusement park. Over the summer, Sherri even took her Little Sister to her first Red Sox game (after they received tickets from Big Sister Association which were generously donated by The Foundation to Be Named Later). While Tracey was not an immediate baseball fan, she loved the opportunity to go to Fenway Park with her Big Sister and was definitely a fan of the Fenway franks.
Little Sister Tracey enjoys having someone in her life who expands her social horizons, but more importantly she likes that Sherri is there just for her as a caring, objective friend. “I have someone I can talk to and have conversations with,” says Tracey of her Big Sister, “not just as a Big Sister but also as a friend.”
Sherri realizes that her friendship is crucial at this stage in Tracey’s life. “Sometimes it can be a challenge to talk to family and friends and Tracey knows that she has [in me] another person she can talk to,” says Sherri.
This fall, Tracey began her freshman year at Brighton High School. As she navigates this time of changes and challenges, she knows that she can rely on her Big Sister Sherri to be there for her every step of the way.