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Enicks Urges Men To Stand Against Violence Toward Women

Posted 09/12/2014


IN REGARD to the article “What’s next for Ray Rice, the Ravens, and the NFL?” (Sports, Sept. 10), maybe the real question to ask is: What action will men take to prevent domestic violence and violence toward women?
Violence toward women occurs every day in our neighborhoods. Just recently, two of my female colleagues were assaulted. Violence does not consider socioeconomics, demographics, or geographic location; it simply does not discriminate.
Many female-centric organizations and advocacy groups exist to reach women and girls to prevent and break the cycle of violence, but where do men register on this issue?
We as men, for whatever reason, have normalized this violence or have not cared enough to even be aware of the extent to which it occurs. As a male working at an organization that serves girls and women, I have become keenly aware of these issues and feel that all men can and must do more.
Until men are willing to play a leading role in the battle to curtail violence toward women, our mothers, sisters, daughters, colleagues, friends, and partners will continue to fall victim. I urge all men to get involved by first getting informed. Change starts with awareness and advocacy.
Wes Enicks
Jamaica Plain
The writer is vice president of development at Big Sister Association of Greater Boston.