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Little Sister Garshae Earns $20K Scholarship

Posted 10/25/2019

Big Sister Rachel Weidenfeld and Little Sister Garshae

Little Sister Garshae, a senior at Boston Community Leadership Academy, has been matched with Big Sister Rachel Weidenfeld for eight years. This month, it was announced that Garshae was chosen to receive the ALKU Scholarship presented through Mass Mentoring Partnership, which will be applied to her tuition at a four-year college.

Garshae is optimistic about the future and has set her sights on attending college and after that, law school.

“The feeling of being new at something, but still giving it your all and coming out victorious, is a feeling I wish to have over and over again,” said Garshae.

Garshae credits her Big Sister with inspiring her love of reading and encouraging her to apply herself in school. With Rachel’s support, Garshae quickly excelled and proved to herself that she was capable of great things. She has distinguished herself in high school, both through her academics, her success on the Debate Team, and also through her work serving the homeless.

“We received many applications from outstanding students who have overcome extraordinary challenges in their lives,” said Mark Eldridge, founder and CEO of consulting firm, ALKU, and member of Mass Mentoring Partnership’s Governing Board. “The ALKU Scholarship committee was inspired by Garshae’s story. She is extremely bright and determined, and her relationship with her mentor has had an enormous impact on her life and opened her eyes to what is possible.”