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Match Activities: Ideas and Information

Posted 07/16/2007

Visit someplace new with your Little Sister today!  Below is a list of some interesting places to visit and things to do in and around Boston.  Let us know if you have some suggestions to add to the list!

Looking for summertime adventures with your Little Sister?  For in-depth information about what to do and see in the City of Boston, please click here!
And don’t forget…

  • Read your event calendar email for agency activities and ticket opportunities!
  • Check in with the Program Support Specialist at Big Sister for last minute tickets to events.
  • Many activities and places are free or have a reduced fee for Bigs and Littles so call ahead and see what you can get!



Other Places of Interest          

Outdoor Activities          

  • Ride the swan boats – 617-522-1966     
  • Go on a Harbor Cruise- 617-723-7800     
  • Go on a Duck Tour – 617-723-DUCK     
  • Visit the USS Constitution – 617-242-5601     
  • Visit the Bunker Hill Monument – 617-241-5641     
  • The Hancock Observatory – 617-247-1977     
  • Arnold Arboretum – 617-524-1718     
  • The BU Astronomy Observatory – 617-353-2630     
  • Faneuil Hall                     
  • Haymarket (for fruits and veggies)
  • Copley Square
  • Walk the Sky Walk at the Prudential Bldg.
  • Walk, bike, or roller blade along the Esplanade
  • Pack a picnic and find a shady spot          
  • Enjoy a day at the park or playground
  • Check out local summer pool programs          
  • Visit the airport
  • Go mini-golfing
  • Ice Skating
  • Go Sailing:
    • Harry McDonough Sailing, Castle Island (free instruction/swim test) – 617-727-9547     
    • Community Boating/Hatch Shell – 617-523-1038     
  • Go Rowing/Fishing:      
    • Jamaica Pond Boat House – 617-522-6258     
    • Charles River Canoe – 617-965-5110     
    • Paddleboats Seaport Landing Marina, Lynn – 781-592-5821       


Indoor Activities          

  • Read a book together          
  • Write a story together   
  • Play board games
  • Ask each other silly questions
  • Bake a cake, cookies, or brownies
  • Try a new recipe
  • Wash the car
  • Play video games
  • Plant a flower garden
  • Rent movies
  • Work jigsaw puzzles
  • Exercise together
  • Do arts & crafts projects
  • Make a scrapbook about places and things you have done together
  • Make holiday or birthday cards
  • Create your own stationary
  • Press flowers in the phone book
  • Put on some music and teach each other dance moves 
  • Start a collection (stamps, coins, rocks, etc.)
  • Design and make costumes for the Big Sister
  • Annual Halloween Party