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Match Of The Month: Big Sister Allie Corey & Little Sister Thalia

Posted 11/22/2010

Each month we introduce you to one of our Big and Little Sister matches and give you a glimpse into the special bond they share.

Big Sister Allie Corey & Little Sister Thalia

Allie lives in Boston and Thalia, 10, divides her time between Boston and Framingham. They have been matched since December 3, 2007.

Before I had a Big Sister…life was dull and boring because I didn’t get to go anywhere, like swimming or going to the museums.
I wanted a Big Sister because…
she is someone to hang out and have fun with.

My Big Sister has helped me…explore new places and things I didn’t even know existed!

Without my Big Sister I would not…have any fun!
Our favorite thing to do together is…go swimming.
We are looking forward to…all things winter!!!  Sledding, ice-skating, seeing musicals, and celebrating Christmas and Thalia’s birthday!
I love being a Big Sister because…through Thalia I have learned so much not only about the challenges girls face today, but also about the importance of keeping an open mind, the impact of certain things I might otherwise have taken for granted, and of course, the Jonas Brothers.
I love having a Big Sister because…I have someone who can help me if I am confused and someone who cares about me.
Since we’ve been matched my Little Sister has really…become significantly more outgoing and much more receptive to trying new things.  Despite this shift to a more extroverted approach to life, she remains a very thoughtful and kind person.  I am very fortunate to have Thalia as my Little Sister.
It is important for girls today to have positive female mentors because…Let’s face it, girls are smart.  Their classroom extends beyond the walls of their schools, the pages of their textbooks, and the lectures from their teachers.  They pick up information from their friends, family, and the ever-changing string of media on our newsstands, television sets and, of course, the internet. Positive mentors can help kids learn how to process this massive influx of information in a healthy, constructive way, without judgment or repercussion.  Positive female mentors further provide the support, understanding, and evidence to prove to girls if they believe in themselves, there is no limit to what they can achieve.
My Big Sister is perfect for me because…She’s funny, awesome, weird, and because we have so much in common.
Because of my Big Sister I will…accomplish everything I put my mind to!