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Match Of The Month: Big Sister Amy Cho & Little Sister Robyn

Posted 07/29/2010

Each month we introduce you to one of our Big and Little Sister matches and give you a glimpse into the special bond they share.

Big Sister Amy Cho & Little Sister Robyn
Amy and Robyn, age 15, both live in Cambridge. They have been matched since March 3, 2009.

Before I had a Big Sister…I really didn’t have anything to do on the weekends.
I wanted a Big Sister because…I wanted to interact with people.
My Big Sister has helped me…try new things.
Without my Big Sister I would not…have someone to talk to.
Our favorite thing to do together is…baking.
We are looking forward to…
hanging out!
I love being a Big Sister because…
Robyn consistently opens my eyes to the beauty and simplicity of life.  She is constantly reminding me to “not sweat the small stuff”–and I love her for it.
I love having a Big Sister because…I get to go and see different places and things I would have never been able to.
Since we’ve been matched my Little Sister has really…built trust with me–she is smart, kind, and makes really good decisions.
It is important for girls today to have positive female mentors because…there is a lot of negative influences out there–between school bullies and the media, it’s nice to have someone grounded to let you know “being me” is okay too.
My Big Sister is perfect for me because…we both love sports and cats. 
Because of my Big Sister…I will be more responsible.