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Match Of The Month: Big Sister Maryann Gibbons & Little Sister Tasia

Posted 10/27/2010

Each month we introduce you to one of our Big and Little Sister matches and give you a glimpse into the special bond they share.

Big Sister Maryann Gibbons & Little Sister Tasia

Maryann lives in Quincy and Tasia, 8, lives in South Boston. They have been matched since March 2, 2009.

Before I had a Big Sister…I had trouble trusting people.
I wanted a Big Sister because…my mom was having a baby and I wanted someone to call my own. I heard fun things about having a Big Sister!

My Big Sister has helped me…learn to trust again, and has taught me that there are good people in the world. 
Without my Big Sister I would not…have done some of the activities that we have done together. I probably wouldn’t have been a flower girl in a wedding and I probably would not have done some of the silly things we like to do like wear fake moustaches.
Our favorite thing to do together has been…
enjoying the party at Maryann’s wedding where Tasia was a beautiful flower girl with some impressive dance skills. We felt lucky to share that special day together. We are also always down to go eat buffalo chicken somewhere!
We are looking forward to…
snow tubing this winter, trying snowboarding, and new activities and adventures together.
I love being a Big Sister because…Tasia gives me perspective about what is important in life. She’s shaped my weekends to be something to look forward to and made me try new things. It is awesome knowing that you are not only enriching your life, but someone else’s too. We have a growing relationship and both put in the time and energy because we want to. That’s a good feeling.
I love having a Big Sister because…I have someone to look forward to being silly with. I have a new family who shows me a lot of love. I feel like Maryann is a like a real big sister. I love that I can count on her and she never breaks a promise or commitment.
Since we’ve been matched my Little Sister has really…become more confident in herself. Tasia is a strong girl who will fight for what’s right for herself and for her family. She has become a great older sister herself, giving her little sister someone to lean on and learn from.
It is important for girls today to have positive female mentors because…a lot of mainstream music, television, and movies are sending negative messages to girls about being someone they are not. A female mentor encourages you to be your best self, and be a leader, not a follower.
My Big Sister is perfect for me because…we are a perfect match. I hit the Big Sister jackpot! Maryann understands me because she has had a similar life to mine and she is not scared to get silly with me.
Because of my Big Sister I will…pay it forward. I hope I can change a life like Maryann has done for me. I can trust people now and know that not all people are bad.