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Match Of The Month: Big Sister Stefanie Smith & Little Sister Cheyenne

Posted 02/24/2010

Each month we introduce you to one of our Big and Little Sister matches and give you a glimpse into the special bond they share.

Big Sister Stefanie Smith & Little Sister Cheyenne
Stefanie lives in Watertown and Cheyenne, age 10, lives in Lynn. They have been matched since January 25, 2007.

Before I had a Big Sister…life was dull because there was nothing to do and no one to play with.
I wanted a Big Sister because…I could have someone to talk to, take me places, and try new things with. My Big Sister has helped me with homework and reading assignments.  She has also helped me to make friends by getting me to talk more to people. 
Without my Big Sister I would not…try new things or have someone to share secrets with.
Our favorite thing to do together is…talk, play and hang out. 
We are looking forward to…
going fishing this summer.
I love being a Big Sister because…with each interaction with Cheyenne I see a difference in her and how she is developing into a lovely young lady.  I love knowing that within the little bit of my spare time I am making a huge impact in her life, which in turn, will allow her to gain the confidence she needs to succeed in life. 
I love having a Big Sister because…I know that she cares for me and we do lots of fun things together.
Since we’ve been matched my Little Sister has really…helped me stay grounded and see things in a different light.  She is such a bright girl with many wonderful ideas.  She helps me differentiate my viewpoints for example: Sometimes we, as adults, tend to make things more difficult than they need to be.  Cheyenne has helped me use my “kid’s lens” to approach daunting tasks where normally I would default to my “adult filters and judgment.” 
It is important for girls today to have positive female mentors because…
they need someone they can relate to and who makes them feel heard.  Girls tend to be targeted in the community by negative influences, poor portrayal of women in the media, and impropers body image messages.  Girls today need someone in their corner to counter the negative influences with positive role modeling and simply being the image they can compare to and develop their own life path from.
My Big Sister is perfect for me because…we have a lot in common and we enjoy spending time together.
Because of my Big Sister I will…be prepared for many things to come like high school, college, and making friends.