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Procter & Gamble Brightens Holidays

Posted 01/08/2013

On Wednesday, December 19, four Procter & Gamble employees arrived at Dorchester’s Franklin Field housing development with car trunks full of Christmas presents. Coordinating with Big Sister Association of Greater Boston, they delivered brightly wrapped presents– full of toys, clothing, and housewares– to an excited family of six.
Erin Mahorney, an account executive at Procter & Gamble, has been a Big Sister since 2010. When her colleagues were looking for an opportunity to give for the holidays, she eagerly connected them with Big Sister to find a family in need. “I couldn’t be more proud to work for a company that wholeheartedly supports giving back to the community,” she said, “It was great to see my team come together to support the organization. Everyone was eager to donate their time and their money. They loved shopping for the family.”
The employees arranged the presents around a sparkling Christmas tree to palpable excitement from the family.
“I am so thankful. They really made our Christmas this year,” said Inez, a single mother of five children. Her youngest child, Nehemiyah, 4, hopped up and down, shaking a large, red present, while her older children quietly speculated about the packages’ contents. All of Inez’ daughters are Little Sisters served by Big Sister Association of Greater Boston.
P&G has generously funded Big Sister since 2006; and, there are currently five P&G employees enrolled as Big Sisters.
“The support of our P&G team, the partnership with Big Sister, and the smiles on Inez and her family’s faces made this holiday so memorable,” said Mahorney.