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Rodman Riders Brave the Cold

Posted 09/29/2012

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The cold and rainy weather on Saturday, September 29th did not keep the members of Team Big Sister from giving it their all in the Rodman Ride for Kids. For the first time ever, Big Sister had three new teams riding on our behalf – Team PGR, the Yellow Jackets, and Team Big Sister & Big Dad. Our teams were proud to be represented in each race – from our brave 100-mile riders to our enthusiastic 25-milers – and finish strong in both riding and fundraising.
Team Big Sister riders have raised nearly $60,000… and they are still going! Team Big Sister co-captain Joe Realmuto, Mark Richardson, and Peter Reinhart are this year’s top fundraisers! Fundraising efforts will continue until November 15th. Click here* if you would like to make a donation to Team Big Sister or your favorite rider. All money raised will also receive a matching gift of up to 10% from the Rodman Ride for Kids.
Highlights of the day included Big Sister’s Vice President of Recruitment and Community Partnerships, Mia Roberts, taking on the her first 50-mile ride, all five members of the Yellow Jackets completing the 100-mile ride together, and having seven current Big Sisters and six Big Sister staff members among our riders!
BIG thanks to those who volunteered for us at water stops and cheering stations, and especially to our riders and virtual riders who brought us to our fundraising goal! And, of course, thank you to the many donors who supported our riders. “Generous donors like you make riding 100 miles very easy, even in wet clothes,” said Melanie Morris, captain of the Yellow Jackets team.


Hisla Bates
Audra Clark
Justin Clark
Paul Hodlin
Dale Hollingsworth
Melanie Morris
Diane Mutchler
Mark Richardson
Stever Aubrey
Max Bardeen
Erica Brien
Lauren Evert
Beth Herbert
Abigail Ingalls
Michelle Lynch
Joseph Marino
Kathleen Marino
John Merklinger
Michele Mold
George Ordonez
Sofia Ordonez-Gamble
Karen Pendoley
Ashley Prasse
Kristin Prescott
Joe Realmuto
Katie Regan
Chiquita Rice
Nikki White
Neil Mccullagh
Mia Roberts
Dana Yerace
Matthew Brozenske
Laura Buckley
Heather Cloran
Andrea Contreras
Michael Cunningham
Alison Dahlquist
Desiree DiIeso
Alexis Harvey
Ryan Harvey
Ana Mascagni
Peter Reinhart
Allison Rogers
Stephen Stone
Virtual Riders
Jane Deery
Jen Salman
Erin Brogan
Cassie Brown
Terri Campbell
Mary Kate Kerins
Ann Leporati
Timothy O’Brien
Heidi Ziobro

* Please note that internet browsers other than Internet Explorer may not support this link, but you can mail donations to Big Sister Association of Greater Boston, 161 Massachusetts Avenue, Boston, MA 02115 before November 15th. Please make checks payable to Rodman Ride for Kids – Big Sister (and a specific rider’s name in the memo line, if you wish).
Click here to view a full photo gallery of Team Big Sister at the Rodman Ride for Kids.