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Sister Spotlight: Big Sister Sharon & Little Sister Jolie

Posted 03/03/2022

Big Sister Sharon doesn’t have to go down in the history books to have a positive impact on the future. Sharon is one of our everyday history-makers who is nurturing her Little Sister’s confidence and igniting her potential through shared interests and experiences.

As often as possible we match our Big and Little Sisters based on shared interests to help them build a common bond from the start. When matched in September 2021, Sharon and Jolie immediately bonded over their love of animals. During their first virtual activity together, Sharon gave Jolie a video tour of the chicken coop at her house. They have continued to build a close, trusting relationship through animal-centric activities such as researching and watching live animal cams that they find online. Activities like these often ignite conversations that allow Big and Little Sisters to get to know each other on a deeper level. For their first in-person activity, Jolie and Sharon decided to visit an animal sanctuary. Despite the rain, they had an amazing time with the animals — and each other!