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Sister Spotlight on BS Brittany & LS Amber

Posted 11/19/2017

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Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and Big Sister Brittany and Little Sister Amber have a lot to be thankful for. Matched six years ago, the pair will be moving on to the next chapter in their relationship this year as Amber officially graduates from the Big Sister program.

Amber, a sophomore at Mass Bay Community College, and Brittany, a CPA at Care.com, were first matched when Amber was in eighth grade, and their connection has continued to grow ever since. “We’re thankful for the match we’ve had, and the memories we’ve created,” said Brittany.

If Brittany and Amber were to name all of the aspects of their relationship that they’re thankful for, it would take them six years and then some. But in the spirit of Thanksgiving, they’ve narrowed down their list to some of the special things their relationship has brought them: 

  • An adventure buddy: From flying planes to kayaking, Brittany and Amber have pushed themselves to think outside of the box when planning activities – but planning is one thing, and doing is another. “When we had first planned our kayaking trip, Amber was scared and didn’t want to go,” said Brittany. However, through Brittany’s encouragement, the experience soon became one of her favorite memories. “I ended up loving it,” said Amber. “I even wrote a thank-you letter!” Having the support of a friend in tackling these ambitious outings has made all the difference.
  • Harry Potter movie marathons: Brittany and Amber have a laundry list of excursions they’ve gone on together, but when asked about their favorite activity, the pair agreed that Harry Potter movie nights took the number one spot. “We even make pizza and decorate it with pepperoni that spells out ‘HP’,” said Amber. It just goes to show that it’s the simple things, like being present, that have made all the difference in their relationship. And the addition of a little Hogwarts magic never hurts.
  • The opportunity to be a role model: Amber turned 20 this past July, and with adulthood comes new responsibilities. Thankfully, Brittany’s guidance has helped Amber in tackling these stepping stones. The pair have been talking about opening Amber’s first checking account, and Amber is looking forward to building on her personal finance skills. “I’m super proud of Amber,” said Brittany. “She’s taking initiative, and I’m excited to be along for the ride.” Amber has also taken initiative in becoming a role model herself. While on a Big Sister sailing outing in Boston Harbor, Brittany and Amber were on a boat with another Little Sister who was terrified of the water. “Amber put her arm around her and told her it was going to be okay,” said Brittany. “She’s compassionate, and has an ability to bridge connections with those around her.”
  • A shoulder to lean on: When Amber was dealing with the loss of her father, Brittany’s love and support provided the reassurance Amber needed. “Brittany is so caring, and she was there for me during a sad time,” said Amber. “It meant a lot.” Amber reflected on a picture that Brittany took of her and her boyfriend at her father’s funeral. “We were smiling. It really helped show me that even when things are difficult, there’s still so much good to smile about.”


As Brittany and Amber reflect on the many things their relationship has made them thankful for, they can’t help but be excited for what’s to come. “We’re proud to have been a part of the Big Sister program,” said Brittany. “Even though Amber is graduating from the program, that doesn’t mean that this is where the friendship ends.” 

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