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Sister Spotlight On BS Leah & LS Anwesha

Posted 05/03/2017

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Describing their relationship as an “open book,” Big Sister Leah, Chief Operating Officer at Poetry in America, and Little Sister Anwesha of Cambridge have decided to share the story of that relationship by writing a poem about the past two years they’ve spent together. 

Two girls who didn’t know
How close like sisters they would grow

Anwesha was only eleven
And that day felt like heaven

When on a springtime April day
A girl named Leah came her way

Matched since April 2015, the pair have developed a close, caring friendship that was beyond either of their expectations. Even though they have different interests, “it hasn’t been a hurdle,” said Big Sister Leah. “Our personalities align really well.” They say their time spent together has flown by, but they’ve filled each and every second with memories and experiences that will last a lifetime.  
They packed a picnic and rode bikes
They went for jogs and even hikes
Exploring Boston near and far
They’d go for drives in Leah’s car

From wandering Cambridge to take advantage of the free food samples, to playing a round or two of Bananagrams, the duo genuinely enjoy each other’s company and figuring out what their next adventure will be. One of their favorite activities is going to see movies together – Big Sister Leah describes Anwesha as her “go-to PG-rated movie buddy.” ‘Hidden Figures,’ ‘Inside Out’ and ‘Beauty and the Beast’ have been some of their favorites so far, and they’re looking forward to many more trips to the movie theater. “Now that Anwesha is 13, we get to expand our repertoire to PG-13, too!” said Leah. 

On cold and snowy days they’d bake
Brownies or red velvet cake

At H-mart samples filled them up
While Anwesha told her school gossip

And, they don’t limit themselves to their usual haunts, either. “We took the commuter rail to Salem for Halloween last year to check out a haunted house,” said Leah. “Anwesha had never been on a train before, and that was very exciting for her!” At Anwesha’s age, trying new things can be intimidating, but having the support of Leah has always been enough to turn scary into something special.

Leah listened, gave advice
And they laughed–it felt so nice

“We can relate in many ways, because even though we’re different generations, we’ve had the same experiences, and she can remember what it is like” Anwesha says. Anwesha feels that she can talk with Leah about anything, and vice versa. In April 2017, they celebrated two years as Big and Little Sister, and they can’t wait for the laughs and experiences to come. “We have such a good time together,” said Leah. “I’m looking forward to seeing how she continues to grow as she gets further into her teenage years.”

Two years later, going strong
With Sisters nothing can go wrong!