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Sister Spotlight: A Father's Perspective
Sister Spotlights

A Father’s Perspective

While 46% of our Little Sisters are being raised by single mothers, 2% are living in a household with a solo dad. Jason is a single parent who is raising 11 year-old Little Sister Mackenzie, who has been matched with Big Sister Lisa Taranto since 2017.

Sister Spotlights

Sister Spotlight on BS Pam & LS Arianna

Many of us remember the “cowardly” lion from the childhood classic, The Wizard of Oz. While he journeyed through Oz with Dorothy and friends to seek

Sister Spotlights

Sister Spotlight On BS Melissa & LS Jasmine

What if the best gift of all isn’t giving a present, it’s being present for each other? That’s what Big Sister Melissa and Little Sister Jasmine discovered four years

Sister Spotlights

Sister Spotlight On BS Emily & LS Becky

Are you familiar with bird banding? Little Sister Becky wasn’t when she was matched with Big Sister Emily in December 2008. Although Becky, who is

Sister Spotlights

Sister Spotlight On BS Chelsi & LS Taryn

Since becoming involved in Big Sister Boston’s Site-Based Mentoring program in February 2016, Big Sister Chelsi, a college student at Boston University, and Little Sister Taryn, 11,

Sister Spotlights

Sister Spotlight On BS Leah & LS Anwesha

Describing their relationship as an “open book,” Big Sister Leah, Chief Operating Officer at Poetry in America, and Little Sister Anwesha of Cambridge have decided