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Team Big Sister Crosses the Finish Line!

Posted 10/10/2008

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October 4 was the perfect day for a leisurely 25, 50 or 100 mile bike ride around southeastern Massachusetts. The sun was shining, the sky was blue, and there was a hint of fall in the air that mixed nicely with the excitement of Team Big Sister as they geared up for this year’s Rodman Ride for Kids. 
Of the 30 people who raised money for Team Big Sister this year, totaling nearly $30,000 so far (donations can still be made up through November 2, 2008. Click here if you would like to contribute.), 13 of them strapped on their helmets last weekend and went the extra mile(s!) for Big Sister. One rider even took on the 100 mile course! Tamara Grubbs not only rode 100 miles for our team, and raised $1,000, she has also given her time as a Big Sister for three and half years! Her Little Sister Jazmyne, 13, must be very proud!
Big thanks to Team Big Sister chair Steve Kraus, those who donated to our team, and all those who raised money and rode for Big Sister this year!    
100 Miles
Tamara Grubbs          
50 Miles
Peter Reinhart
Trevor Romich
Nadia Schwartz    
25 Miles
JoseAlberto Betances
Andres Borbon
Michael Gottesman
Dwayne Hall
Ryan Harvey
David Howse
Alyssa Moskos
Allison Rogers
Doug Romich
Pat Tietbohl
Ofer Mazor
“Virtual Riders”
Lauren Joyce   
Jody Stegens   
Alex Alexandrov        
Jacqueline Bliven        
Alexis Bulkley 
Gennet Fantu 
Colleen Fitzpatrick     
Elise Gottesman         
Keith Hartstein  
Judy Keefe              
Stephen Kraus
Linda O’Brien
Timothy O’Brien       
Charles Phillips          
Mia Roberts      
Lisa Scannell