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The Gloria Barron Prize for Young Heroes

Posted 02/04/2009

The Gloria Barron Prize for Young Heroes honors outstanding young leaders who have made a significant positive difference to people and our planet.  Their leadership and courage makes them true heroes and inspirations to us all.
Each year, the Barron Prize selects ten winners nationwide.  Half of the winners have focused on helping their communities and fellow beings; half have focused on protecting the health and the sustainability of their environment. 
The goal of the Barron Prize is to celebrate such heroic young people and to inspire others to do their part.
If your Little Sister has made an impact on her community and her planet, and is between the ages of 8 and 18, she may be eligible to win the Barron Prize, a $2,500 award.
For more information or to download an application, please visit www.thebarronprize.org.  The deadline for this prize is April 30, 2009.