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Zipcar Discounts for Big Sisters

Posted 11/03/2008

Big Sister Association staff & volunteers get discounted Zipcar memberships and weekday rates!
Big Sister Association of Greater Boston believes in decreasing our impact on the environment.  By using Zipcar along with public transit, walking and biking, you’re helping too!  Register your free account at www.zipcar.com/bigsisters-greaterboston and use this service to enhance personal and business travel.
About Zipcar: 

  • To use Zipcars, simply reserve the vehicle online, walk to the vehicle location, hold your Zipcard over the card reader, and drive away.  For a quick walk-through of our reservation system, visit www.zipcar.com/demo.
  • Each reservation includes the cost of gas up to 180 miles, parking and insurance.
  • Reserve last minute or months in advance any of the 850 cars (in over 30 makes and models) strategically parked all over the Boston area.
  • Your membership also allows you to seamlessly use 5,500+ Zipcars in Boston, NYC, Washington DC, Chicago, Toronto, Vancouver, London, Seattle, Portland, Philadelphia, Pittsburg, Atlanta, and more to come.
  • To find out where cars live near you, visit www.zipcar.com/boston/find-cars.

How to register:

  • To become a Zipcar member, fill out the easy online application at www.zipcar.com/bigsisters-greaterboston. You’ll need your license information and credit/debit card, but do not need to enter an Employee ID number.
  • If you are currently or were previously a Zipcar member, need application assistance or have account questions, please contact: Becky Pineo at 617-933-5077 or email becky@zipcar.com

Your Discounts:

  Standard Big Sisters
Application Fee $25 $0
Annual Membership Fees $50 $25
  Weekend Rates Weekday Rates
Hourly Rates $9.25 – $14.50 $8.75 flat rate
Daily Rates (24 hour period) $72 – $110 $66
7am – 7pm rate N/A $56

Z2B rates do not include the BMW or convertibles.  Weekday rates apply Monday 12:01am through Friday 11pm, standard rates apply on the weekend.