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Big Sister Amy Rose and Little Sister Molly

Posted 10/11/2007

Little Sister Molly, a spunky, rosy-cheeked 10 year-old, lives in Charlestown with her mother, older sister and brother. Of course Molly will tell you she actually has two big sisters—her biological sister, Erin, and her Big Sister Amy Rose. However, Erin is more than happy to share her sisterly role with Amy, whom she feels is an important part of not only Molly’s life, but the entire family’s life as well. While Molly’s family is close, her mom works long hours to support them and Molly’s sister goes to school and works as well. Molly wanted someone who was there just for her to expand her horizons and just have fun.
Molly found that someone in July of 2005, when she was matched with Big Sister Amy. In a Big Sister, Molly wanted someone she could “talk to and play with.” In a Little Sister, Amy was looking for a way to have the kind of positive impact on a girl that many women had on her when she was growing up. What they found in each other was a friendship that has allowed them both to have fun and grow. Amy says that spending time with Molly has brought out the kid in her again and Molly credits Amy with teaching her how to be more respectful toward her mom and how to be more confident.
“Being a mentor has allowed me to show someone a different life and a different path,” says Amy, whose travels around the world have inspired her Little Sister to aspire to one day do the same. For now, the pair keep their journeys local, making trips to New Hampshire’s shoreline or a day at their favorite park in Wellesley, but thanks to her Big Sister, Molly has big plans for the future. “When I graduate college I am going to go to Paris,” asserts Molly. “I want to be a pediatrician who travels.”
Molly’s biological sister, Erin, has already seen positive changes in Molly since Big Sister Amy came into her life more than a year ago. Erin notes that Amy brings out the “sporty” side in Molly, by teaching her how to play ball and encouraging athletic activities when they are together. “Amy makes Molly a very happy person,” says Erin. “They have a connection that will definitely last a long time and will be a permanent fixture in both their lives.”
It is clear that no matter where Molly’s travels may eventually take her, she will always know that they began with the special friendship of her Big Sister Amy.