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Big Sister Honored With National 2014 Quality Award

Posted 04/07/2015

Big Sister is proud to announce that we have been nationally recognized for the superior quality of our programs with the Big Brothers Big Sisters Nationwide Leadership Council’s 2014 Quality Award!

Big Sister is the only BBBS affiliate in Massachusetts to receive the 2014 Quality Award, and one of just two recipients in New England. This honor validates the significant work of our staff and volunteers to grow and deepen our impact while maintaining exceptional standards of quality and a focus on meeting the specific needs of girls.

Research has shown that Big and Little Sister relationships lasting at least 12 months yield the greatest outcomes in academic achievement, interpersonal skills, self-esteem and healthy decision-making. Additionally, high-quality, consistent support from the agency’s Match Support Specialists is a determining factor in the length and strength of the Big and Little Sister relationship.

Agencies receiving the Quality Award met or exceeded the following benchmarks in 2014:

  • Served a minimum of 150 children and raised $150,000 in revenue

Big Sister served more than 2,100 girls in 2014 through one-to-one mentoring and raised more than $3 million in revenue

  • Achieved a Community-Based Mentoring 12-month retention rate of 64%

Big Sister’s 2014 Community-Based Mentoring 12-month retention rate was 74%

  • Achieved a Site-Based 12-month retention rate of 41%

Big Sister’s 2014 Site-Based Mentoring 12-month retention rate was 71.2%

  • Maintained a Match Support done rate of 90%

Big Sister’s 2014 Match Support done rate was 90% 

Through the continued support of our ever-growing community, we are committed to maintaining the highest quality program standards for the benefit of Greater Boston’s girls, as we continue to get #Girls2Great!