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Little Sister Jarelis Win Personal Style Contest

Posted 10/08/2010

On Sunday, October 3, Boston-based entrepreneur, author, and founder of lovehue.comTrinette Faint, gave one lucky Little Sister a personal style consultation! Little Sister Jarelis, 17, of Chelsea, submitted a winning essay that described her personal style, what she likes best about herself, and how the special friendship she shares with her Big Sister, Donna McCabe of Stoneham, has helped her define how she sees herself. Jarelis, who has been matched with Donna for eight years, wrote:

In life, you are born alone searching for a purpose as well as answers. For many of us, it takes a lifetime to even simply feel accepted or begin finding ourselves and hear our inner voice. Me on the other hand, I was blessed by meeting my Big Sister, Donna. For others, she may be just another person in this world, but she’s completely encouraged me to stay strong, even if that meant I had to crawl on my hands and knees to continue further in life. I wouldn’t be the same person I am today, if I had not met her 8 years ago. I used to find it hard to make it through one whole day, and now I’m stronger than ever.
This essay is supposed to be about my personal style, and my Big Sister has helped me build it over time. Personally, I feel that I’m an outstanding person. I’m classy, funky, sassy, unique, and stylish. The way I dress and pamper myself on the outside, shows exactly the way I feel on the inside. I love to express myself as a person, just to get me going. I love to feel that I have power over myself. What I like best about myself is how I change my style everyday. I love to express myself and explore many new things about myself. I like changing my style because it shows that as a person I have many talents, that I love to be outstanding, and that I have the potential along with great credentials. My Big Sisters has been important in building all these great things in me that have made me the strong, independent individual I am today.
Following a beauty and skincare session, Trinette, Jarelis, and Donna headed over to Newbury Street jewelry emporium, So Good, where Jarelis picked out $50 worth of accessories with the help of Trinette’s style expertise. Trinette, who is also a volunteer in our Big for a Day program and a member of Big Sister’s Alumnae Association, developed the contest as a way to give back to the program. “I have been donating a portion of the proceeds from one of the lip glosses on Love Hue to Big Sister, but I really wanted to do something special for one of the girls they serve,” said Faint. As for Jarelis, the most memorable part of the day was the goody bag of products Trinette used that she got to take home!