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New Winter Coats for 94 Girls!

Posted 01/13/2012

Each winter, Big Sister Association of Greater Boston engages our generous community of supporters to help the families that we serve celebrate a joyful holiday season. One of our most successful endeavors is our annual coat drive for girls on the wait list. Having seen the need, and heard the interest from families and generous donors, we designed a web application that would help us connect those who wanted to buy a new coat, with those who needed one.
From Arizona, to Illinois, to New Hampshire, and cities and towns all over the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, families, individuals, and local businesses came together to donate 94 coats to girls on our wait list. In an outpouring of support for our second annual coat drive, all 94 requests for coats were fulfilled before the Christmas holiday. By New Year’s Eve, every coat had been collected or delivered to the enthusiastic Little Sisters.

Little Sister Amber from Mattapan’s mom said “Amber just loves the coat and it fits her perfectly.  She cannot stop wearing [it]!”
Little Sister Amanda from Milton wrote, “Thank you so much for giving me and my sister beautiful winter coats.  I only have one winter coat that I’ve been wearing for about three years! I’ve always wanted a new coat but my mom insisted I keep the one I had.  It’s very sweet of you to wrap the wonderful gifts up, like a Christmas present. Thank you so much!”
And another parent told us, “My daughter is thrilled she doesn’t have to wear a hand me down jacket this year.”
Thank you to everyone who donated a coat – several who donated more than once!
Nancy Banfield
Bethany Bartlett
Maria Bautista
Laura Boyd
Maria Brenner-Kelly
Cassie Brown
Virginia Bullock
David Chaffee
Holly Charron
Hillary Cohen
Kirstie Crawford
Cindy   Cutshall & David Downing
Emily Dahl
Elizabeth Davis
Shelley-Ann Dewsbury
Laura Dill
Brenna Downing
Colleen Duggan
Annie Fischer
Jennifer Gentile
Danielle Girouard
Emily Giroux
Kristen Graves
Megan Herald
Kim Hill
Julia Horvitz
Julia Howes
Maren Johnson
Michelle Kenney
Jane Kepros & Nick DeLucia
Corinne Kinsman
Shoshanna Kostant
Jesse Kwan
Tess Lesniak
Longhorn Steakhouse
Ruby Lorenzo
Jasmin Lorenzo
Jennifer Martin
Ana Mascagni
Rosiane Matos
Claire McClintock
Lindsay McConchie & John Kinsman
Rebecca McHugh
Stephanie Mendenhall
Jessica Mendenhall
Dorothy Najda
New England Aquarium
Kerri Norris
Colleen O’Brien
Anne O’Connor
Jennifer Ojeda
Jennifer Pascarelli
Lauren Peckler
Lynne Prodger
Anthony Randall
Lisa & James Redding
Dawn Renda
Jean Sandler
Paula Sciabarrasi
Meg Secatore
Carine Simon
Kristie Smith
Terrie Smith
Dorothy Stiller
Melanie Stone
Karla Ventura
Virtual, Inc.
Kathleen Wallace
Jackey West
Heidi Ziobro
Melody Ziobro
Heather Ziobro
Hayle Ziobro