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The Power of Social Fundraising

Posted 04/19/2022

We have often heard the adage that there is strength in numbers. Never is this more true than when we consider the power of social fundraising. 

What is Social Fundraising? 

With social fundraising (also known as Peer-to-Peer fundraising), individuals can create a fundraising page in support of their favorite cause. Social fundraising is a great way to turn your network of family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers (a.k.a., peers) into an engaged community inspired to support Big Sister Boston! By creating a fundraiser and inviting your peers to contribute you turn one donation into many, collectively making a meaningful impact on Big Sister’s mission to ignite girls’ passion and power to succeed. 

Peer to Peer Fundraising at Big Sister Boston 

The possibilities for social fundraising ideas are endless! Ask for donations in honor of your birthday, your match anniversary, or other milestones. Consider planning a fitness fundraiser; hosting a trivia event; or creating a fun challenge or outing 

Once your fundraising page is set up, consider these peer-to-peer fundraising tips to help to make your campaign in support of Big Sister a success. 

  1. Make it personal – Share your personal connection to Big Sister Boston’s mission and why our programs are important to you to inspire your friends and family to give. 
  2. Spread the word – Communicate in the ways that you are most comfortable with or that you think will make the most impact. You can post your fundraiser on your social media platforms. Also, consider connecting by phone call or text message to spread the word about your fundraiser. 
  3. Be your first donor – Get the ball rolling by donating to your own campaign! You can even use this as a challenge when you are reaching out to your friends and family: “I donated __ to start this campaign because I believe in its importance. Will you join me?” 
  4. Send regular updates and requests – Post updates regularly thanking your network and updating everyone on the progress you have made together. 
  5. Make it interactive – If you’ve shared your campaign on social media, be sure to tag your donors and thank them for donating. Also, get involved in any comment threads related to your updates. 
  6. Ask for a specific amount – Encourage your friends and family to donate a set amount. You can try $20, $30, or whatever you think is a realistic donation for the people you are asking. 
  7. Keep increasing your goal – Set an attainable goal to start your campaign (maybe $500) and then once you reach it, raise the stakes, and continue to ask for support. Don’t forget to share with your network that you’ve hit your initial goal thanks to their support and that you’ve been inspired to keep raising more. 
  8. Send personal thank you notes – In addition to acknowledging someone’s gift on social media, it is important to recognize each donation with a short note of thanks. 

Above all else, remember to have fun! You are hosting this fundraiser to benefit Big Sister Boston because you are passionate about our mission, but it shouldn’t feel like work. Communicate in a way that feels natural to you and share your joy with your community! To learn more about getting started with your own peer-to-peer fundraising campaign and the resources we’ve provided to support you, please visit the Big Sister Boston peer-to-peer campaign website.